As written by Stanley

Hi, my name is Stanley. I guess if you want to get technical, my fancy name with the Thoroughbred Jockey Club is Our Regards. I have lived with Helen for the last nine years and I think I know her well enough to give you some of her history. She began riding a loooong time ago. I don’t think my grandparents were even thought of then! She was in all sorts of clubs including 4-H and Pony Club. I hear she graduated from the Groton Pony Club in MA with an “A”, whatever that is. I like an “R” because then I sound like a pirate! She was on the Area 1 Young Riders Team in Eventing and was fortunate enough to compete in Canada and England. I guess. Who wants to fly that far? Chipper told me that he did something called Endurance with her. He said it was a lot of trotting and cantering in the middle of nowhere for a long time. He told me it was fun. She has taken lessons and clinics from people, (legends, some of them I hear) such as Jack LeGoff, Robert Dover, Tad Coffin, Kathy Connelly, Arlene Page, Capt. Mark Phillips, Mark Rashid and so many more. She has been working with Eric Horgan for…. EVER! Even I work with him and he makes me WORK! Well, he makes Helen ride more effectively which then makes me work. I’m not sure how on board I am with that except I feel really good when that goes well. I mean really good. SO much so that I strut my stuff! She makes me feel as though I could jump the moon and float on the earth. I have learned a lot being here and enjoy the daily care and attention I get. Some might say I’m spoiled but after having raced so hard, I think I deserve it. Come ride with us! She’s been teaching people aged from 2 years old to 82, beginners to competitors. We all have a blast.